Individual course/Personal Coaching

Individual course/Personal Coaching

Complete preparation to labour, given at your own house.

This  individual childbirth preparation offers you a complete preparation to labour, in accordance with your personal situation and given at your own house.

Each meeting consists of an informative and a practical part with relaxationbreathing and pushing-techniques in different postures; both with a lot of tips, for you as well as for your partner. A relaxing back-massage and making haptonomically contact with your unborn baby are part of it. 

Personal Coaching will be pleasant if you prefer an individual traject at your own house, if you won’t or can’t follow a group-course or simply as an addition to your pregnancy-course, for example Mindfulness voor zwangeren (Dutch spoken). Also if you will choose a compact preparation of your (next) labour Personal Coaching will be very convenient. Though meant for both parents-to-be, it is also possible to participate (partly) on your own.

As an addition to your pregnancy course or if your pregnant with your second or third baby: I suggest one session of three hours € 195.

Combined with Mindfulness voor zwangeren: one session of three hours € 180.

If you are pregnant with your first child: I suggest three sessions of two hours each, total amount € 330.

If travelling time is over fifteen minutes I will charge a small amount.



Thank you for the great preparation! Your tips came in very handy!

We had a very nice birth and have settled into family life very well! It was very uncomplicated and a magical experience!

I did have contractions for 25 hours and didn’t sleep for two nights so I ended up getting an epidural just to be able to get some rest and sleep a bit in the hospital before the pushing part! It was a super good decision and all went very smooth! Ania