Babymassage (Eng)

Baby massage

To have full attention with your baby.

Babies are very sensitive to touch, loving attention and rest. During the massage these aspects are fully interwoven. You will learn how to massage according to the so-called Shantalababymassage, a centuries-old, simple method which is easily applicable. Through the direct physical contact you will understand your baby’s body language better. You can ease bowelproblems, constipation, agitation and overstretching. It may help your baby to sleep deeper or longer and find rest. But most of all babymassage is for both you and your baby relaxing, it will give trust and strengthen your mutual bond. 

The course consists of five meetings of 1 1/4 hour

2 – 6 months at the start

 A maximum of five babies and their mothers/fathers.


Number of lessons5 lessons of 1 1/4 hour

Wednesdays 14:30-15:45

Wednesday 10 jan t/m 14 feb: 14:30-15:45

Wednesday 21 feb t/m 28 mrt: 14:30-15:45

Wednesday 4 apr t/m 2 mei: 14:30-15:45

Wednesday 9 mei t/m 6 jun:  14:30-15:45

Age2 – 6 months at the start
Price€ 98

, Massage oil and booklet are included.

Of course you can feed or change your baby’s nappy during the course.